the moonwhile

I watched across the full moon field,
two amber eyes and though the grass
showing me you had arrived, but at a distance,
confident and tentative, playful and cautious,
you, who had never been witnessed before,
and I shone my shaft of consciousness,
but it was too soon and you were gone.

So back into the shadows of the moon,
there, wanting this encounter, you were
direct and bold, moving closer to me now.
I was sure that I would disclose you,
know your shape, understand you;
and once again, my impatience
made you dissapear.

So now a third time in the pale selene,
the ivory silence, not a wind disturbs,
you gleam and glint, ominous and exciting,
sky dragon beams come tumbled onto earth,
and now i just surrender,
since this is no nature’s cat,
and I must wait until you are arrived.

And we will see which one of us is wild
and which is tame,
and take our turn to dance insane,
and laugh and spill our delight upon the surface
of existence, to make us shine,
the way that god did attend that couple
in the first field at the start,

for they had only clothes of skin and light
to hold themselves, and their ancient desire,
in all the salt and sulphur of the world,
and saffron sweetened joy,
and neither asked for more than that,
it was enough that they received their blessings,
and their curses, to get through.

The intensity of such dark reflection is not too much,
for nothing else makes worth the wait,
or meets the needs of restlessness,
except to meet you raw into the night,
I am here and you are on your way to me,
and I am found in my derangement, and am at peace,
and I do believe your words of love.