Once in time, I had my way
with you and all the many masks
through which you did arrive.
The colours of my dragon tail
reflecting all the diamond light
of heaven and the stars from where I came.
And splendid in that strength
and anchored in the tango of my ignorance,
you were consumed.

But lately, in these past few lives,
I come to see I was deceived
and always it was you who came to me.
That only was your skill
that I believed and was seduced
and so be found into your world.
You always held the meaning
in the images I held
and we dissolve.

And beauty, even love and all
the wounding that could move me
to the oceans where I drowned a thousand times,
you swam there underneath,
to make certain that I died
and came alive.
Your natural home was always where
your skin and tail were salt
and I was gold.