study basic requirements

Basic Workshops, Practices and Therapy

The prerequisite for joining the foundation study course would be completion of at least some of the basic workshop cycle, the initiation of individual therapy and a willingness to begin with ‘basic practices‘.

The Basic Workshop Cycle includes completing* the week-long Kadeisha, Shaman and Hero’s Journey workshops and at least some of the shorter Anima/Animus, Mythology, Divination and Mimir’s workshops.

It is also necessary, during this time, that a certain number of individual therapy sessions will have been held with a Tamboo-qualified therapist.

The Basic Practices include considering personal practices such as Yoga, Tai Chi or Pilates, deepening awareness around all sorts of consumption, developing study and meditation routines, and applying attention to Daily Bliss, which is the practice of joyful mindfulness in everyday activities.

*Students who have already completed some but not all of the foundation workshops, and who have expressed their commitment to complete their ‘basic workshop schedule’ concurrently with their depth studies, can discuss their situation. Since the content and the depth processes of the initial workshops take time and dedication to integrate, and the study course is also challenging, this would increase the already considerable demands on the individual student. However, if you are willing to go through the more intense processes that this would require, and if you were suited for this, beginning formal studies and completing foundation workshops at the same time could be accommodated.