The Tamboo Academy / Radiant Images Workshops 2014 Calendar

Tamboo Academy & Radiant Images Workshops

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2014 Calendar

All courses and workshops are residential in Knysna. Foundation courses are entry-level workshops suitable for curious beginners and advanced students. Intermediate and Practitioner courses have entry requirements. Foundation workshops are indicated with *, Intermediate and Practitioner with **.

A2, A4, A5 & A6 all refer to Foundation, Initiation and Practitioner Archetypal Philosophy and Psychotherapy Study Courses held in Knysna. The theoria and praxis of these year-long workshops are only open for those who have completed previous studies and are already part of these classes.

18-24: *Hero’s Journey: The Great Human Adventure. 6 days.
25-30: A5/1: Longing Speaks Louder Than Words: Body-as-Image & Erotic Desire.
08-13: A2/1: Framing Eros: Archetypal Issues in Therapeutic Practice.
  A2/2: Dark Eros: Love’s Inversions.
11-16: A6/1: The Awareness Between Anima and Animals. (sight)
18-23: A4/1: Wounds & Scars: The Initiation of Consciousness.
10-12:  An Anatomy of the Soul: A Series of 3 Lectures. Evenings. Cape Town.
05-10: A2/3: Sacred Chaos: Deity, Shadow, Wholeness and the Nature of Evil.
  A2/4: Suicide, Self-Mutilation and the Soul’s Romance with Death.
08-13: A6/2: The Curiosity Between Anima and Animals. (scent)
26-01 May: A5/2: Shadow Speaks Louder Than Words: The Emotions of Images.
03-11: *Shaman 1: Living the DreamingBody. 8 days.
13-18: A4/2: Dionysian Ritual: Mystery Schools in Modern Times.
14-19: **Therapeia: The Depth of Surface & Pathology as Adornment. 5 days
21-27: **Alchemy 1: The Marriage of Heaven and Earth. 6 days.
29-05 July: **Alchemy 1: The Marriage of Heaven and Earth. 6 days. (repeat)
08-12 A4/2b: Dionysian Ritual: Mystery Schools in Modern Times (cont). 
19-26: **Alchemy 2: Mining, Smelting & Forging: The Perversion of Nature. 7 days.
29-03 Aug: A5/3: Dreams Speak Louder Than Words: Polytheistic Identity & Memory.
09-14: A4/3: The Katabasis: Disintegration & the Rapture into Maturity.
16-23: *Kadeisha 1: Tantra, Taoism & the Practice of Sacred Sexuality. 7 days.
06-11: A2/5: Eros and Psyche: Love, Suffering and Growth in Relationships.
  A2/6: Strange Attractions: Archetypes, Chaos and Symbols in Consciousness.
09-14: A6/3: The Passion Between Anima and Animals. (touch)
16-21: *Kabbalah 1: The Work of Creation & the Circles of Time. 5 days.
11-18: **Shaman 2: Dreaming the Crystal Body. 7 days.
28-02 Nov: A5/4: Beauty Speaks Louder Than Words: Emptiness & Receiving the Divine.
04-09: A4/4: Snake of a Hundred Heads: Archetypal Medicine & the Folly of Health.
15-22: **Creativity: The Display of Imagination. 7 days.
06-11: A2/7: Touching the Divine: Body Wisdom and Erotic Therapy.
  A2/8: Invisible Guests: Poetry, Mythology & Creative Dialogues.
  A2/9: Endless Beginners: Integration and the End of Therapy.
09-14: A6/4: The Pleasure Between Anima and Animals. (repose)
16-21: **Kadeisha 2: Bonding, Taboo & the Art of Sacrifice. 5 days.