the tamboo academy and radiant images workshops calendar 2018

Tamboo Academy & Radiant Images Workshops

2018 Calendar

Courses and workshops are offered in Knysna, Cape Town, Johannesburg and elsewhere. Foundation workshops are entry-level courses suitable for curious beginners and advanced students. Intermediate and Practitioner workshops have entry requirements. Foundation workshops are indicated with *, Intermediate and Practitioner with **.

A2, A4 & A6 all refer to Foundation, Initiation and Practitioner Archetypal Philosophy and Psychotherapy Study Courses held in Knysna. The theoria and praxis of these year-long workshops are only open for those who have completed previous studies and are already part of these classes.

Therapeia courses are on-going studies only open to colleagues who have already completed their A5 studies. Each of these courses is ‘stand alone’. Qualified persons may join at any time for any block.


 2018  This is the Calendar for Knysna
20-23: *Mimir’s Well: An Introduction to Art Therapy. 3 days.
27-01 Feb: A6/1: The Awareness Between Anima & Animals. (sight)  5 days.
20-25: *A2/1: Eros & Archetypes: Therapeutic Practice & Love’s Inversions.
27-04 Mar:  A4/1: Wounds & Scars: The Initiation of Consciousness.
08-11 Shadowplay: Conversations with the Body. 3 days.
20-25 A6/2: The Curiosity Between Anima & Animals. (scent)
16-22: *The Hero Revisioned, Journey Without Goal. 6 days.
28-05 May: **Alchemy 2: Mining, Smelting & Forging: The Perversion of Nature. 7 days.
05-10 A4/2: Dionysian Ritual: Mystery Schools in Modern Times.
12-17 Therapeia 1: Impossibility, Suggestion and the Contentment of Poverty.
19: *One Day Breath Workshop: Core Lie.
07-10: *Centre Stage: A Comedy of Eros. 3 days.  
19-24: **Creativity 2: Kinetic Stillness. 5 days.
27-03 Jul: **Alchemy 1: The Marriage of Heaven & Earth. 6 days.
03-08: A2/2: Sacred Chaos: Deity, Shadow & the Soul’s Romance with Death.
14-21: **Shaman 2: Dreaming the Crystal Body. 7 days.
24-29: **Therapeia 2: Ineffability, Simplicity and the Pleasure of Bitterness.
31-05 Aug: A6/3: The Passion Between Anima & Animals. (touch)
16-19: *Anima/Animus: The Inner Lovers. 3 days.
25-01 Sep *Kadeisha 1: Tantra, Taoism & the Practice of Sacred Sexuality. 7 days
08: *One Day Breath Workshop: Renewal and Rebirth.
22-27: A2/3: Love & Suffering: Strange Attractions & Symbols in Relationships.
29-04 Oct: A4/3: The Katabasis: Disintegration & the Rapture into Maturity.
13-21 *Shaman 1: Living the DreamingBody. 8 days.
27-01 Nov: **Therapeia 3: Irregularity, Presence and the Beauty of Impermanence.  
03-08: A6/4: The Pleasure Between Anima & Animals. (repose)
17-20: *Healing Fiction: Living Your Own Mythology. 3 days.
20-25: A2/4: Endless Beginners: Body Wisdom, Mythology & the End of Therapy.
01-06 A4/4: Snake of a Hundred Heads: Archetypal Medicine & the Folly of Health.
15-20 **Kadeisha 3i: Imagination and Erotic Practice: The Sacred Arts. 5 days.