the tamboo academy and radiant images workshops calendar 2020

Tamboo Academy & Radiant Images Workshops

2020 Calendar

All courses and workshops are residential in Knysna. Lectures are in Cape Town. Women’s Tygress initiations are held at diverse locations.

Foundation workshops are for beginners and advanced students. Intermediate workshops have entry requirements. Foundation indicated *, Intermediate **.

A2 & A4 refer to study courses in Archetypal Philosophy and Psychotherapy, held in Knysna. These are only open for those who are already part of these classes. 

ø refers to ‘Studies in Archetypal Psychology and Philosophy’, public lectures in Cape Town. To reserve your place, please contact

æ refers to the Moon Tygress Woman’s Mystery School held in diverse locations. To apply to join, contact bianca:

Therapeia courses are for those who have completed their studies. Each course is self contained. Colleagues may join at any time for any block.

If you are new to this community and interested in the teachings, there are four points through the year to begin your learning. These are indicated with *.


this is the calendar for knysna

18-23: A2/1: Dark Eros: Therapeutic Practice & Love’s Inversions.
23-26: *Mimir’s Well: An Introduction to Art Therapy. 3 days.
08-13: A4/1: Wounds & Scars: The Initiation of Consciousness.
15-20: Therapeia: The Impossibility of Love.
22-28: *Hero’s Journey: The Great Human Adventure. 6 days.
03-08: **Creativity 3: Poetry in Motion. 5 days.
æ13-15: Moon Tygress: The Sapphire Gate. 3 days. 
ø 21-22: Compulsions: Pornography, Nymphomania and Rape. Studies in Archetypal Psychology. Cape Town.
21-26: A2/2: Sacred Chaos: Gods Shadow & the Soul’s Romance with Death.
26-02 May **Alchemy1: The Marriage of Heaven & Earth. 6 days.
05-10: A4/2: Dionysian Ritual: Mystery Schools in Modern Times.
10-17: **Alchemy 2: Mining, Smelting & Forging: The Perversion of Nature. 7 days.
æ15-17: Moon Tygress: The Ruby Gate. 3 days.
19-24: **Therapeia: The Ineffability of Image.
27-04 July: *Kadeisha 1: Tantra, Taoism & the Practice of Sacred Sexuality. 7 days.
ø18-19: Loves Bodies: Polymorphic Identity and Erotic Integration. Studies in Archetypal Psychology. Cape Town. 
21-26: A2/3: Love & Suffering: Strange Attractions & Symbols in Relationships.
01-06: A4/3: The Katabasis: Disintegration & the Rapture into Maturity.
æ14-16: Moon Tygress: The Onyx Gate. 3 days.
03-10: *Shaman 1: Living the DreamingBody. 8 days.
20-25: A2/4: Endless Beginners: Body Wisdom, Mythology & the End of Therapy.
27-01 Nov: Therapeia: The Impermanence of Beauty.
03-08: A4/4: Snake of a Hundred Heads: Archetypal Medicine & the Folly of Health.
æ14-18: Moon Tygress: The Emerald Gate. 5 days.
ø21-22: Loves Imagination: Pain, Pleasure, and Perversity. Studies in Archetypal Psychology. Cape Town.
08-13: **Creativity 2: Kinetic Stillness. 5 days.
15-20: **Kadeisha 3i: Image and Erotic Practice: The Sacred Arts . 5 days.