2024 calendar Workshops, Tygress, study, therapeia

Tamboo Academy 2024 Calendar

Experiential Workshops. Study Courses. Tygress Initiation. Therapeia Lectures.

If you are new to this community and interested in the teachings, there are several entry points to begin your learning, indicated *.
Foundation workshops * are for beginners and advanced students. Intermediate workshops ** have entry requirements.
Workshops are residential in Knysna unless indicated.
A2 refers to foundation studies in Archetypal Philosophy. Open to students who have completed the A1 course.
The A2 is a continuous study year. Courses are held in Cape Town, with the final course in Knysna, as indicated.
The Moon Tygress Women’s Initiation series is sequential and open to all women students. Contact: workshops@tamboo.co.za
The next Burning Tyger Men’s Initiation series is intended for 2025.
Therapeia courses are online. Master of Arts (MA) workshops are residential and online. Open to students after the A4 study year.

10-11: Therapeia 24.1: ‘War is the Father of All Things.’ Online studies.
15-18: A2.1: Eros and Archetypes: Therapeutic Practice and Love’s Inversions. 3-day. Cape Town.
23-25: *Moon Tygress 1: The Sapphire Gate. Perceiving as Image. Weekend. Cape Town.
01-03: *Inner Lovers: Exploring Anima and Animus. Weekend. Cape Town.
05-13: *Walking Wild: River Rafting and Desert Trees. 8 days. Off-road Journey.
02-07: MA1: Mastering the Art of Animosity. 5-day.
13-14: Therapeia 24.2: The Reality of War and the Myth of Peace. Online studies.
19-21: A2.2: Sacred Chaos: Deity, Shadow and the Soul’s Romance with Death. Weekend. Cape Town.
26-28: Moon Tygress 2: The Ruby Gate. Moving as Image. Weekend. Cape Town.
08-09: Therapeia 24.3: Inhumanity, Torture and Insane Desire. Online studies.
22-27: Kadeisha 3: Kintsugi. Repairing the Broken with Gold. 5-day.
13-18: MA2: Mastering the Art of Animation. 5-day.
27-28: Therapeia 24.4: Unleashing the Dogs of War. Online studies.
02-04: A2.3: Love and Suffering: Strange Attractions and Symbols in Relationships. Weekend. Cape Town.
09-11: Moon Tygress 3: The Onyx Gate. Dying as Image. Weekend. Cape Town.
17-22: *Kadeisha 1: The Devotions of Sacred Loving. 5-day.
30-01 Sept: *Living Your Own Mythology. Weekend. Cape Town.
07-12: *Alchemy 1: The Marriage of Heaven and Earth. 5-day.
21-22: Therapeia 24.5: Ares and Aphrodite: Violence and Beauty. Online studies.
15-20: MA3: Mastering the Art of Asymmetry. 5-day.
02-07: A2.4: Endless Beginners: Body Wisdom, Mythology and the End of Therapy. 5-day.
12-17: Moon Tygress 4: The Emerald Gate. Breathing as Image. 5-day.
23-24: Therapeia 24.6: ‘The Lord is a Man of War.’ Online studies.
29-01 Dec: *Mimir’s Well: Theatre as Therapy. Weekend. Cape Town.
14-19: **Kadeisha 2.1: Bonding, Taboo and Sacrifice. 5-day.