Pure essential oils are easily available, either as single essences or in ready-made mixtures. It is worth investing in a few of these. Some of their many uses include being used as scents in bathing, added to base oils for massage, rubbed into the palms and breathed in to help focus and added to a candle or burner to energise a room.

Some of the most useful oils are also some of the least expensive. If you are starting out, Lavender, Rosemary and Neroli are a good place to begin. A few drops of each will work wonders in many situations. Eucalyptus, added to the bath or a tissue, is great for stuffy noses after a day in the traffic. The delicious and more expensive oils can be added slowly later.

Here are some mixtures that could be used in a sensuous bath or massage oil. The same mixture can go into the bath or be added to a small amount (30- 50ml, about 6-10 teaspoons) of base or carrier oil like Almond or Grapeseed, to be used as massage oil. Numbers refer to drops. Try experimenting with different permutations.

clary-sage 4 + sandalwood 3 + jasmine 3
myrrh 3 + patchouli 2 + neroli 5
cypress 3 + ylang-ylang 4 + jasmine 3
cedarwood 3 + lavender 3 + mandarin 3
frankincense 3 + melissa 2 + rose 4

Any decent basic aromatherapy book will give you more details and mixes.