Tamboo and Kadeisha

The Tamboo Academy covers a wide range of training and practices in physical well-being, sexual health, ecological and personal growth, intimacy and relationships, self-expression and creativity, psychotherapeutic development and spiritual evolution.

Tamboo trains individuals and provides access to teachers who are experienced in many areas essential to human development and fulfilment.

There are several interdependant limbs of Tamboo and Kadeisha .

i. Individual Psychological Therapy, deals with illness and physical pathology, sexual issues, including sexual abuse and dysfunctions, relationship and intimacy matters, depression, addictions, mental instability, creative blocks and spiritual counselling. Depth therapy is usually with one person but might includes couples and family therapy.

ii. Intensive Individual Therapy is offered to anyone, especially for those from other areas or overseas, who wish to address their issues in an uninterrupted fashion over several days. This is usually 4 – 7 continuous days and involves daily extended sessions as well as reading and written work, overseen by a personal therapist.

iii. Radiant Images Workshops© offer experiential participation in a wide range of psycho-spiritual processes. Specific workshops are focused on Psychodynamic Processes, Relationships and Intimacy, Mythology, Divination, Creativity, Pathology and Healing, Tantra and Sexual Growth, Shamanism, Kabbalah, Alchemy and other areas of interest.

iv. Interactive Process Groups, offering a format for several individuals to work together in a therapeutic environment. These groups use each other as co-therapists to resolve issues and are facilitated by a trained teacher. For many people, this dynamic method can often alleviate the need for conventional therapy.

v. Lectures and teaching courses on a range of subjects. Lectures are offered at our own centres in Cape Town, Gauteng and Knysna. Topics include C.G. Jung’s ‘Aion’ , Dreams and Active Imagination, Money Matters, Sexual Empowerment for Couples, Creativity and other subjects.

vi. Advanced Study and Therapist Training Courses are offered to those who want further insight and ability in these teachings and methods. Some study for their own development. Others have an additional aim to become practising therapists. This study course is open to those who have completed basic workshops and personal work.