Creation Mythology The End of the World and New Beginnings

‘The sacred time periodically re-actualised.. is a mythical time.. an original time in the sense that it came into existence all at once, that it was not preceded by another time, because no time could exist before the appearance of the reality narrated by the myth..

For religious man, the world is renewed annually. Each New Year it recovers its original sanctity, the sanctity it possessed when it came from the Creator’s hands. It implies the ‘pure’ time that existed at the moment of creation. That is why the New Year is the occasion for ‘purification’, for the expulsion of sins, of demons or merely of a scapegoat. This is the meaning of ritual purification, the sins and faults of the individual and of the community as a whole are annulled, consumed by fire.’  Mircea Eliade

Creation Mythology:

The End of the World and New Beginnings

IMG_0803Every culture in the world has its own story to tell about how the world was created. Like all mythologies, these stories are more than mere fantasies. They give us important information about who we are, what we are capable of being and how to live more consciously in the world. In this way, we are better prepared for our own inevitable and essential journeys.

One of the most important mythologies in every nation’s cultural heritage are the stories and rituals associated with the original Creation of the World and the commemoration of this event in New Year. Every nation and cultural group of people in the world, inclusive of both the written- and oral-based cultures, recall and honour the New Year in some way. These stories tell us of the ability, the importance, and also the absolute necessity, of self-renewal.

The discussions, insights and practices around this work form one part of the current Kabbalah Workshop. Exploring these ideas psychologically and bodily are part of a Focused Breathwork.