Forgive and Remember

Sins committed by a person against God

“The theme of God’s forgiveness for man’s sins is recurrent in talmudic and midrashic literature and reappears in later rabbinic writings and the synagogue liturgy. Its main theological purport is to counterbalance, and indeed outweigh, the strongly entrenched rabbinic belief in the inevitable punishment of sin. …Only the unrepentant sinner incurs God’s wrath; the sinner who repents is always forgiven. Thus the Talmud states, ‘One who sins and regrets his act is at once forgiven’ (Ḥag. 5a; Ber. 12b) and the Midrash states, ‘Says the Holy One, even if they [your sins] should reach to Heaven, if you repent I will forgive’ (Pes. Rab. 44:185a; see Yal. Ps. 835).

The Tosefta even gives a statistical figure to the matter, basing itself on Exodus 34:6–7, and says that God’s quality of forgiveness is five hundred fold that of His wrath (Tosef., Sot 4:1).”