Kabbalah Chant

Soul Calling

Kabbalah Chant, Prayer and Meditation

IMG_0690Based on the work of Avram Abulafia, a renowned 13th century experiential Kabbalist. This particular chant focuses on the letters, sounds and insights associated with one of God’s power names, uniting masculine and feminine elements on both the transcendent and imminent levels. This is an extremely powerful experience that combines Breathwork, ritual movement, sacred chanting and inner reflection.

Learning this practice is one part of the Kabbalah workshop.

We also get together for this holy chant on other specific ritual fast days. These are powerful days of personal meditation and ritual cleansing. Anyone who is fasting is welcome to join. This requires a total fast starting at sunset the evening before, or, on other occasions, on that morning before sunrise. Drinking teas and water is not permitted on days undertaken as ritual fast days. Space might be limited, so it is best to first confirm your place. Wear loose, clean clothes. The single prayer-chant is a continuous process and lasts about 3 hours. There can be no interruptions once we begin. Please respect the sanctity of the ritual and arrive early to prepare yourselves and the space. There is usually a break-fast celebration at the conclusion of the chant, after sunset, for anyone who has fasted, whether they joined the prayer group or not. Please contact us about this.