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Four New Years

In Judaism, there are four news years each yearly cycle. One for our common humanity, one for our cultural identity, one for our animal nature, one for our vegetative connection to the earth.

By analogy, in the secular world, there is a general new year, a school new year, a tax-return new year, even a sports new season. In Judaism, there is the new year for the creation of all mankind ( rosh hashanah, the solar cycle of reflection on our shared humanity), the tribal new year; (first of nissan, spring time and passover, the lunar cycle of social identity and the humility required to realise our interdependence); the animal new year (first of elul, when tithing was due to the temple, paying ones way in the material world); and the vegetative-nature cycle, the new year for trees ( the 14thof sh’vat, when natures abundance and proportion is considered).