religious mystery the unknown and the unknowable

theoria et praxis

‘Where secrecy keeps silent about the known, mystery concerns the unknown and the unknowable. The participant in a religious mystery shares an experience which he does not bring about himself. He is witness to an epiphany of a God, a drama which draws his soul into its events, and through this experience is transformed… They did not tell for fear of death, because a mystery in which one participates creates not just secrecy, not just discretion, but an over powering silent awe which makes impossible telling someone who did not share the same experience. The participants themselves do not ‘know’, In the scientific sense, precisely the content an sequence of these mysteries..
One cannot report about a mystery, because one cannot speak about what one is in.. the participant in a mystery is still in so long as the vessel is closed. To step out of a living experience by telling about it means to share no longer in this livingness. It means death.’ James Hillman, Suicide and the Soul. p176/177.

Initiation into the Divine is ineffable. The experience is certain and transformative. And, occasionally, an artist might capture some of the experience and transmit this into time and space.

Then, like miracles, love would belong to a category of experiences that do exist, but on non-ordinary planes of existence, manifest and true to those who believe in them and ‘impossible’ to access by thinking with the mind.”