These community chats, guided by the dark light of an archetypal eye, discuss conscious living, the weaving of psychology, mythology and pathology, art, beauty, love, death, monies, dialogues with the gods, gossip, and anything that might make enough nonsense to be a delight.

Each of our forest-side talks is an hour and there is enough in each to allow you inspiration and imagination.

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  • Improper

    PanTimes 2.03 - Blood is Thicker: Marriage, Incest, Theft, Madness, and Other Family Affairs

    By exploring mythology and archetypes of psychic and erotic intimacies in families, can we refine our understanding of 'proper'?
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  • Yellow

    PanTimes 2.02 - Enduring Oneself: From the Calmness of Spirit to the Appetites of Soul

    To understand why authentic suffering occurs after we commit to living soulfully we need to get close to the sulphurous stink of yellow
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  • Destitute

    PanTimes 2.01 - Inauthentic Suffering: Standing Outside of Oneself

    Change requires learning the value of being alone and facing the destitution announcing the end of an era. The way to the gods was always down, inner, deep
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  • Stopping

    PanTimes 10 - Stopping: The Cessation Between Outbreath and Inbreath

    How do we pause, catch our breath, find ourselves here and now, and consider what we would choose, and where to place our foot, as we take our next step?
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  • Men

    PanTimes 09 - Sitting in the Gates: The Movement of Men

    In the place of initiation and religious devotions, the experience of men and women diverge. Let's listen in. What do men say when the mice (or is it cats?) are away?
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  • Insight

    PanTimes 08 - Show Thyself: The Curious Art of Revelation

    Allowing ourselves to be seen is an art we need to learn. ‘Know thyself’ only gets us half way. ‘Reveal thyself’ becomes the way forward of love and loving.
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  • Need

    PanTimes 07 - Blood and Milk: Need and the Mysteries of Birth and Initiation

    This is how the moment of initiation feels. Confused, inauthentic, and needy. Unable to find the words, not yet ready to speak about what matters
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  • Love

    PanTimes 06 - Love. All you need is. Make. Fall in.

    When love takes hold of you with beauty, and terror, shatters your complacency, makes you crazy, holy, crude, and ecstatic - what does the soul want in these adventures?
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  • Death

    PanTimes 05 - Death and Dying: Thymos, Psyche and Bardo

    Psychically we know that outlived aspects of ourselves need to die for new stages of our lives to be born. Why then is it so difficult to surrender to transformation?
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  • Threshold

    PanTimes 04 - The Entrance is the Exit: Understanding The Threshold

    Crossing the threshold, psychologically, is a dangerous journey. Are there rules? Guidances? Who, mythically, should we address to allow us safe passage?
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