Intensive Therapy and Convalescent Retreat

Intensive Therapy and Convalescent Retreat

IMG_1417Intensive Individual Therapy is offered to anyone, especially for those from other areas or overseas, who wish to address their issues in an uninterrupted fashion over several days.These programmes are residential in Knysna and include comfortable accommodation and delicious full-board meals, as well as structured study, rest, recreation and exercise routines, and might include forest walks, yoga, horse riding, or art classes, if these are appropriate.

A short programme is usually 4 – 7 continuous days and involves daily psychotherapy sessions as well as some reading and written work, overseen by a personal therapist. Longer programmes, if these are appropriate, can be discussed and arranged individually after a personal consultation.

Sanctuary, or convalescent retreat, is a full-board residential option offered within the community for individuals to retreat and renew themselves usually for a few weeks and sometimes over a few months. This programme will usually include at least some of: yoga, horse riding, forest walks, ocean visits, river trails, some household and farm chores with the land and the animals, cooking classes and healthy food preparation, art classes and creative therapy, basic training in ritual living, library access, psychological therapy sessions, study, meditation training and practice, some community activities and plenty of time for solitary rest and joyful recreation.

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