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Teachers and Teaching

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Tamboo offer access to a network of trained Image-based Therapists, Conscious Body practitioners and teachers.

Individual Therapy is offered by all Tamboo teachers. This comprehensive service covers all areas of physical, psychological and spiritual guidance. The usual form is one-on-one therapy, but couples or family counselling is available as needed.


Workshops are facilitated by different trained teachers in Knysna, Cape Town, Gauteng and elsewhere.

Interactive Groups are a method of interactive, self-empowering therapeutic group work. There are several groups in different regions.

Kadeisha Training is initiated through the Radiant Images Workshops. Check the calendar to find the next available entry-level workshop. Advanced training is offered after this initial work has been completed.

Therapist Training courses are run by Mordechai and Siobhan Brodie, assisted by other teachers.

Teachers and therapists are currently available in the Gauteng, Cape Town and surrounding areas and in the Garden Route.

If you are not sure which teacher would best suit your needs, we can advise you. For more information, contact us.