Gareth thinks he grew up in Durban. But he never did. A school play was his Damascene conversion and he took to the dream-space of the stage like a priest to the pulpit. He completed an Honours Degree in Drama and so naturally he became a professional children’s entertainer. He traveled the world, performing for anyone who would have him. That old routine ended as the new script found him amongst the forest and the farms where he works as a copywriter and resident farm gnom/e.*

Gareth, together with his wonderful wife and their world of wise animals, host a Sanctuary space alongside the forest. When not forging fonts into words and wishing he could type with all ten fingers, Gareth can often be found staring into septic tanks, building rabbit hutches or talking to bees. In his next life he wishes to return as Neil Gaiman’s imagination.

Gareth is a qualified ConsciousBody and Imaginal Psychotherapist. He facilitates workshops and offers individual therapy sessions, including theatre therapies. His special areas of interest include the eroticism of the imagination, relationships, embodiment and movement therapies, and the value of study and ritual in evolving new paradigms of living a religious life.

Gareth works primarily in Knysna, in the Western Cape.

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* Generally Necessary Operational Manager/Entertainer