Therapist Elzanne Roos

Elzanne Roos

IMG_1268Elzanne loves books and their contents. Her degree in psychology and honours in English literature gave her the confidence to study, think, create and then articulate her views in both spoken and written words. Sometimes a word-caterpillar, Elzanne’s current work as an editor, writer and scholar of psychological philosophy allows her to be nourished as she chews through from chrysalis to psyche. She admits to talking out aloud to herself, often forgetting that others might have to listen.

Elzanne is a practicing and experienced Imaginal Therapist. In addition to her private therapy practice, she facilitates Woman’s Dream Circle groups and co-facilitates workshops in Jozi and elsewhere.

Her particular interests include relationships and boundaries, emotional and sexual health, Shamanic awareness and psychological theory and its development.

Elzanne works primarily in Cape Town.

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