Therapist Liesl Ehlers

Liesl Ehlers

IMG_2051After many years working full-time in IT, Liesl now utilises her BCom in information systems management half-day, as a Project Management specialist. That way, she manages to spend another part of her day being a mother to her two young daughters. Liesl has a part-time practice as an Image-based Therapist, spends part of her home-time baking, part of her afternoon offering beauty therapy to women, part of her evening discussing philosophy and psychology with her husband, part of her leisure time solving sudoku puzzles and part of her waking life working out how better to manage all the parts.

Liesl is a qualified Imaginal Therapist and Kadeisha practitioner. Particular interests include pathology, women’s sexuality and intimacy, beauty and grooming, dream analysis and soul-based guidance.

Liesl works primarily in Amsterdam, Holland.

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