Mordechai Brodie

Mordechai Brodie

IMG_2069Mordechai’s journey began with Yoga, Taoism and a degree in Philosophy. This was followed by Kabbalah and Rabbinic studies in Israel, training in ceramics, tribal culture and the ‘African Magic’ work, initiation rituals and further learning.

Mordechai Brodie is a teacher and Archetypal psychotherapist based in Knysna and Cape Town. With over 50 years of study and practice, he offers individual therapy, teaches, lectures and facilitates workshops. Since 2001, together with Siobhan, he has taught courses in post-Jungian Archetypal Psychotherapy.

Mordechai is a delighted grandfather who spends most of his time living on the edge of the forest with his wise wife, dirty dogs, curious cats, bright birds and brilliant books. He is considering the possibility of improving his sense of humour, although that seems silly. He is learning how to practice Yoga.

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