Therapists & Teachers

The Tamboo Academy is an umbrella organisation that covers a wide range of training and practices in physical well-being, sexual health, ecological and personal growth, intimacy and relationships, self-expression and creativity, psychotherapeutic development and spiritual evolution.

Tamboo trains individuals and provides access to teachers who are experienced in many areas essential to human development and fulfilment.

Tamboo has a community of inter-connected teachers and therapists who offer continuous support to their students and clients.


All therapists offer comprehensive ongoing individual therapy, based on the teachings of Archetypal Psychology.

All teachers offer mentoring in physical health, personal growth and spiritual practice.

Several teachers also run workshops, or interactive groups.

Individual therapists have their own areas of expertise.

If you are not sure which teacher would best suit your needs, we will advise you.

Teachers and therapists are currently available in the Gauteng, Cape Town and surrounding areas and the Garden Route

If you are interested in the teachings or support available through Tamboo and Kadeisha, please contact us.