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Adept at Adapting

adept (adj.)  1690s, ‘completely skilled, well-versed,’ from Latin adeptus ‘having reached or attained’ figuratively ‘to attain to, acquire,’ from ad ‘to’ (see ad-) + apisci ‘to grasp, attain’.

adept (n.) ‘ an expert, one who as attained knowledge,’ especially ‘one who is skilled in the secrets of an occult science,’ 1660s.. The Latin adjective was used as a noun in this sense in Medieval Latin among alchemists. It implies natural and acquired ability, whereas expert implies more of experience and practice.

musical (adj.)  early 15c., ‘pertaining to music; tuneful, harmonious; adept at making music.’

mahatma (n.)  title applied to an adept in Brahmanism, literally ‘great-souled.’

subtle (adj.) ‘adept, adroit; cunning, wise; detailed; well-crafted’ from Latin subtilis ‘fine, thin, delicate, finely woven;’ figuratively, ‘precise, exact, accurate, in taste or judgment, fine, keen’, of style, ‘plain, simple, direct,’ from sub ‘under’ (see sub-) + -tilis, from tela ‘web, net, warp of a fabric,’ from ‘to weave’ also ‘to fabricate.’ .. the notion is of the “thread passing under the warp” as the finest thread.

adapt (v.)  early 15c. (implied in adapted) ‘to fit (something, for some purpose),’ from Latin adaptare ‘adjust, fit to,’ from ad ‘to’ (see ad-) + aptare ‘to join’, ‘to undergo modification so as to fit new circumstances’