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PanTimes talks

These regular online community chats, guided by the dark light of an archetypal eye, circle around conscious living, the weaving of psychology, mythology and pathology, art, beauty, love, death, monies, dialogues with the gods, gossip, and anything that might make enough nonsense to be a delight.

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The Strange Loves Essays

Loves Compulsions: Masturbation, Nymphomania & Rape

Strange Loves

A four-part series of lectures written and presented by Mordechai Brodie.

These studies develop ideas and teachings in Archetypal Psychology.

Each section is two hours, making a total of over 8 hours of talks.


  1. The Psychology of Sexual Compulsion.
  2. The Gods of Masturbation and Pornography.
  3. The Mythology of Initiation and Rape.
  4. Paedophilia and the Attraction of Nymphs.
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This particular series of lectures addresses sexual compulsions that offend, solicit and provoke. Sexual violence, perversity, paedophilia, pornography, and obscenity. Conversations on such matters come with a high emotional charge. They challenge us to find our stand amidst heated opinions. Nevertheless, these subjects demand attention and must be entered into.

The study course comprises a collection of essays towards the book ‘Strange Loves’. Each talk explores the dark images and mythology of complex sexual behaviours, seen through the lens of Archetypal Psychology. They are intended both as an introduction for those who are interested in depth psychology and archetypal philosophy, and especially as stimulation for those more familiar with these ideas, whether as curious thinkers, or as passionate professionals.