pantime 3 Eat Your Soup, Drink Your Food

Staying In: Confinement and Containment  

Last week’s talk, ‘The 10 Plagues, Bondage, Freedom, Prayer, and Resurrection’ was intentionally dense, to correspond to the intensity of the arrival of holy days, and the weight of almost global lockdown. Like a healing soup with lots of plump matzah balls.  For this weeks talk, we can now slow down, sip, savour, and digest more leisurely.

This week, we will start with a short meditation to reconnect with where we left off. After that, we will use the material from last week’s lecture to have discussions. Expanding and sharing the ideas that you found interesting, we shall address the questions you might have after listening to the talk. To prepare for this week’s talk, it would be a good idea to review your notes and/or recording.

Some of those conversations could include: Sacrifice and bondage with the gods; images in dreams and in waking life; monotheism and polytheism; psychological faith and soul; pathology and images of body; the power of transmission; the spoken word, gossip and prayer; midnight and re-imagining the feminine; the psychological dark eye; Dionysus, Pan and madness; social action and giving. We will be guided by your questions as to where we go in our talk and will not cover every topic.

here is how to view a recording of this talk