tamboo tygress where wild cats do roam

Moon Tygress: Women’s Initiation Series

There is a dark silhouette that whispers through the scenes of our lives. She waits for our touch, attention, and love. She is the other side of the dual nature of a woman. The twin sister who lives deep below ground, essential complement to all our topside living. Without connection to her, we become stuck, caught in the abysmal repetitions of a life run dry. We seek the outside world to enliven us, even as we know it cannot truly nourish.

So we must descend, through the very behaviours we display and suffer. There in the underworld of our nature, we find the possibility of an active surrender that offers renewal. Only then, do we discover the feminine grounding and ruthless capacity to live wildly and passionately, divinely bound to our fate.

Join us for this journey into the mystery and beauty of a creative life.

Cape Town, non-residential:
The Sapphire Gate 25-27 February

The Ruby Gate 22-24 April
The Onyx Gate 15-17 July

Knysna, residential:
The Emerald Gate 25-30 October

Attendance across the full series is required. Exceptions under special circumstances only. For details, and to book your place, reply to workshops@tamboo.co.za.