Tamboo: Copyright on Material

Copyright on Material


Tamboo, The Tamboo Academy, Kadeisha, Radiant Images Workshops, Focused Breath, ConsciousBody Therapy, The Women’s Dream Circle and The Men’s Table are all original concepts that have been created and developed by the Tamboo Academy.

Four early workshops contain elements derived from the methods and teachings of people with whom we have worked or who have published their work. The basic structure of the ‘Hero’s Journey’ workshop and the concept of the ‘Fool’s Dance’ are adapted from Paul Rebillot’s book ‘The Call to Adventure’, and acknowledged in that workshop, although the content has been considerably adjusted towards a more Archetypal perspective. The idea of dressing up to express a hidden or contra-sexual aspect of the inner person, as used in the Anima/Animus’ workshop, is derived from the Shamanic use of costume and has roots in the contra-sexual dressing that is part of the festival of Purim. The original idea of ‘telling your story’ and the Jung Personality Test used in the ‘Mythology’ workshop and also the ‘life map’ homework for the ‘Anima/Animus’ and ‘Relationships’ workshops, are adaptations from ‘Riding The Dragon’ by Roselle Angwin. Some movements used during the ‘Relationships’ workshop were initially explored in private work together with Carolina Churba, a teacher of Biodanza, and later developed for our own purposes. Some of the structural elements used in the ‘Anima/Animus’ workshop were adapted from a workshop facilitated by Pam Roux, although the content was developed. Several of the activities in the ‘Anima/Animus’ and ‘Relationships’ workshops were developed together with Hari Turnbull, from our mutual studies and playfulness. Our thanks to several friends in Tampa, Florida, for teaching the basics of interactive groups and for originally introducing Grof’s Holotropic Breathwork method.

All other workshops, including the entire concept and content of the Divination, Creativity workshops and Art Therapy, Healers, Shaman and Kadeisha cycles, the Alchemy and Kabbalah workshops and all advanced and one-off workshops as well as the entire course structure and all the content of foundation study course (the ‘A1’ and ‘A2’), the intermediate course (‘A3’, and ‘A4’), practitioner course (‘A5’ and ‘A6’), and the Therapeia courses, are wholly the original work of the Tamboo Academy and remain the intellectual property of the Tamboo Academy. The Tygress and Tyger courses and workshops and all context therein remain the intellectual property of Tamboo Tygress.

The word written as ‘Kadeisha’ was derived from an intentional deviation of the concept Q’desha as used in the Bible. Our use adapts the original Hebrew meaning, then adds the uncommon Ashkenazi pronunciation before transliterating into English. The word ‘Kadeisha’, used as a noun to indicate a person who follows a path of self-awareness and sacred practice, does not exist outside of this community.

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