Anima and Animus: The Inner Lovers

”Every man carries within him the Eternal Image of Woman, an imprint or archetype of all the ancestral impressions ever made by woman. The same is true of woman; she too has her inborn image of Man.” C G Jung

Anima and Animus

              The Inner Lovers

IMG_1462Our capacity to relate to the world and have meaningful relationships is governed by the success with which we can have a real relationship with ourselves. This is not about our identity as male or female, but rather about the masculine and feminine aspects of every person.

This workshop experientially accesses the inner feminine and masculine that are parts of our total Self. It is usually a great surprise and delight to find and clearly recognise what this inner self looks like and how he or she behaves! By exploring our same-sex identity and then coming to know our inner opposite-sex weaknesses and strengths, we can bring both aspects together into a healthy, realistic, loving relationship.

Ritual, guided meditation, movement, small-group work, play and laughter.

3 day Workshop. Homework. Start Thursday afternoon . Finish Sunday midday.

cf: Lectures on Jung’s writings on Shadow and Anima/Animus