Light Frequency

According to quantum theory, “.. all physical objects are intrinsically ghostly. They exist in a twilight state of all possibilities.. Particles of matter are waves of energy and waves are particles.” Peter Coveney. “Frontiers of Complexity.”

One-Day Breathwork: Living at Light Frequency

IMG_1524Light is currently being developed to operate optic and quantum computers. The implications for the processing of vast amounts of information of these new computers is like imagining what would happen at a busy intersection in a city, if, instead of colliding, vehicles were able to simply pass through each other! Light has always been used in different ways in traditional medicine, using crystals and colour therapies. Light is also being used in new ways in modern medicine. Lasers are currently used in advanced surgical procedures and modern science has come to understand the requirement of physical light, absorbed through the eyes, as a necessary source for healthy brain function, much like vitamins are absorbed and used by the body. This work is relevant to our understanding of contemporary consciousness and in evolving our own spiritual practices.

A short lecture and discussion will be followed by a Breathwork session connecting us with the possibilities and implications of Living at Light Frequency.