Core Lie

“The small world of the child, the family milieu, is the model for the big world. The more intensely the family sets its stamp on the child, the more he will be emotionally inclined, as an adult, to see in the great world his former small world. Of course this must not be taken as a conscious intellectual process. On the contrary, the patient feels and sees the difference between now and then, and tries as well as he can to adapt himself. Perhaps he will even believe himself perfectly adapted, since he may be able to grasp the situation intellectually, but that does not prevent his emotions from lagging far behind his intellectual insight.” C G Jung

Focused Breathwork: Core Lie

This one-day workshop looks at the roots of our ‘Hard Wiring’, the values and beliefs that arrived before we have conscious memory. This is the perinatal period, from the moment of conception, right through pregnancy and especially our birth and even up to about two years old. The way we interpret, feel and ‘read’ these pre-ego-awareness experiences become embedded in us as the core language we use to speak into and hear from and interpret our world.

Most of our insecurities and behaviours can be tracked to experiences that we had very early in our lives. These ‘Core Lies’ are reinforced as we grow up and eventually become our Hard Wiring, negative patterns that we repeat during our lives. We cannot access or remember these experiences through normal rational thinking. After some discussion, we explore movement to access body memory and then Focused Breath to access the cellular of our deep unconscious. As we reconnect with these earliest experiences, we can begin to reimagine ourselves more creatively.