Shaman 2: Dreaming the Crystal Body

“Before enlightenment, chop wood and carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood and carry water.” Zen proverb

Dreaming the Crystal Body

The first Shaman workshop opened us experientially to ‘world as energy’ and developed our Shamanic journeys in both interior and exterior space and time. Going on ‘walkabout’ in the world and learning to pay attention, through dreaming, drumming and soul songs, journeys into the Underworld of ghosts and death dances, flights into the Overworld of vision and guides, we have expanded our images of who and what we are.

Image 163In this second Shaman workshop, we will develop the Shamanic powers of hunting and gathering, and dreaming and stalking, acquire the art of story telling, practice Power Moves and ‘magical passes’, learn to use earth, air, fire and water as energetic alignment, understand ritual masks and make our own ‘mask of death and beauty’ and build a ritual space together.

This advanced workshop explores further living the extraordinary in the ordinary. Living ritually every day, we sustain spirit consciousness in physical reality. We understand experientially the real meaning of ‘voluntary interdependence’ and living the dreamingbody ecologically..

The entry requirement is at least the Shaman 1 and other personal work, plus the physical and emotional ability to live in a challenging environment.

7 days. Residential. Homework. ‘Chopping wood and carrying water’.