Shaman: An Introduction

“The shaman perceives a world of total aliveness, in all parts personal, in all parts sentient, in all parts capable of being known and used.” Jean Houston

“Nowhere in the Bible, for example, is there any argument about the existence of gods, demons, angels. People did not first ‘believe in’ God: they experienced His Presence.” R D Laing

Meeting the Dreamingbody:

An Introduction to Shamanism


This weekend workshop introduces the concepts of shamanic consciousness, living with the Anima Mundi, the Soul of the World. The first lesson is learning how to hear Spirit guiding us. The next lesson is to differentiate background noise from the essential message.

We learn how to shape time, to see, to use power walks, and how to work simultaneously with alternate viewing points.

We begin to examine the impact of consensus and ordinary reality on Shamanic consciousness. In discussing how to prepare for the inevitable consequences that accompany these shifts of consciousness, we also learn what it means to live amongst an ordinary and conscious group of like-minded fellow travellers. In  this way, we come to understand what we need to know and do to joyously survive this, as we walk between worlds and learn ‘the ten thousand things’ that keep us on a path of heart.

Fire. Movement. Drumming.  Active imagination. Song. Breathwork. Storytelling. Sacred Madness.

Homework: ‘walkabout’ prior to the workshop beginning.

This workshop is presented as a stand-alone weekend and it is also the first part of the 8-day shaman 1 course. Completing this workshop is a prerequisite for the Shaman 1 course.