Hero’s Journey

Hero’s Journey : The Supreme Adventure

“There is what I would call the hero journey, the night sea journey, the hero quest, where the individual is going to bring forth in his life something that was never beheld before.” Joseph Campbell

“Any journey of significance will leave you changed. Even if you come back to the same place, you will no longer be the same person.” Roselle Angwin

IMG_1470This training programme was developed out from the studies and publications of the mythologist Joseph Campbell and the psycho-dramatist Paul Rebillot.

The workshop guides participants through a series of creative challenges, encouraging them to experience and embody the conflicts that exist between their more civilised and less adapted dimensions. The instruction integrates imaginative, intellectual, artistic, emotional and somatic aspects within each person. The journey towards connecting instinctual and archetypal ground is demanding, insightful and most unexpected of all, full of humour and passion.

We identify our inner Hero/Heroine, uncover our Demons of Desire and Resistance, get assistance of Spirit Guides, find and then learn to use Power Objects. We journey to the Threshold of Adventure and descend into our inner Underworld, where we encounter our fears and Inner Saboteurs. Thus we discover and claim the unique Gifts that we have been hiding from ourselves. We return back into the world, dignified and humble, with greater self-knowledge and ability to support ourselves in our everyday lives and to share the vitality of our journey with those around us.

* intuition training * ritual * guided meditation * active imagination * tarot * body work * role playing * gestalt * hero’s banquet * demon dance * mythologies * breathwork * process work * fool’s dance * jungian archetypes * artwork * laughter *