2023 calendar Workshops, study, tyger, Therapeia.

Tamboo Academy 2023 Calendar

Workshops. Study Courses. Initiation. Therapeia Lectures.

Workshops are residential in Knysna unless indicated. Foundation workshops are for beginners and advanced students. Intermediate workshops have entry requirements. Foundation workshops are indicated *, Intermediate **
A1 refers to foundation studies in Archetypal Philosophy and Psychotherapy. Open to all students. The new cycle begins February 2023. The A1 is a continuous study year. Some courses are held in Knysna; others in Cape Town, as indicated.
Burning Tyger Men’s Initiation is sequential and open to all men. The Moon Tygress Women’s Initiation is intended for 2024.
Therapeia and A6.2 are online. A6.1 and Creativity are residential. These workshops are open to students from A4 study year onward.
If you are new to this community and interested in the teachings, there are several entry points. These are indicated with *.

21-22: Therapeia 23.1: Suffering and Passion: The Abysmal Display of the Body.
09-12: * A1.1: Devotions, Psychotherapy and the Movement of Soul. 5-day.
25-26: Therapeia 23.2: Female Seed. Ancient and Modern Conceptions.
04-09: * The Hero Revisioned: Journey Without Goal. 5-day.
14-19: A6.1 Anima and Animals: The Who in the Zoo. 5-day.
24-26: * Burning Tyger 1: The Heavens. Weekend. Cape Town.
31-02 April: A1.2: Dreams, Madness and Internal Dialogues. Weekend. Cape Town.
15-16: Therapeia 23.3: Myths of Equality, Superiority, and Inferiority.
17-18: Therapeia 23.4: Misogyny, Anxiety, and the Chthonic Feminine.
23-25: *Burning Tyger 2: The Blood. Weekend. Cape Town.
30-02 July: A1.3: Intimacy, Addictions and Sexual Crises. Weekend. Cape Town.
08-13: ** Creativity 2: Kinetic Stillness. 5-day.
22-23: Therapeia 23.5: Hysteria, Hysterectomy and Gender Fluids.
29-03 August: * Kadeisha 1: Tantra, Taoism, and Conscious Sexuality. 5-day.
11-13: Burning Tyger 3: The Raven. Weekend. Cape Town.
19-24: A6.2: Anima and Animals: The One and the Many. 5-day.
26-30: Wildcat Walk. Roaming the West Coast. 4-day. Off-road.
02-07: * Healing Circle: The Attention of Body, Mind and Soul. 5-day.
30 Sept-06 Oct: * Shaman 1: Living the DreamingBody. 6-day.
14-15: Therapeia 23.6: Mythology, Initiation, and Bisexual Consciousness.
24-29: Burning Tyger 4: The Cypress. 5-day.
04-09: A1.4: The Soul Speaks: Pathology and the Art of Imagination. 5-day.
25-26: Therapeia 23.7: Dionysus Revisioned.
30-03 December: * Divination: The Playful Heart. 3-day.
16-21: ** Kadeisha 3 pt1: The Esoteric Arts of Erotic Practice. 5-day.